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by Peter & Jayne Smith


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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, probably one of the most imaginatively creative popular books of our time recently celebrated its 150th anniversary. 

A cornerstone of children's literature and the inspiration for a thousand more it has no equal. A book full of humour, puzzling situations, lateral thinking, mathematics and wordplay enshrined in a wondrous world of surrealism and symbolism alike.


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In 2015, I sat with my sketchpad as my mind wandered. Idly, I sketched out a Lost Impossimal divided between two worlds, and in doing so created Alice…a Lost Alice.  She didn’t look like you’d imagine; she was shaped by interpretations and cherished stories which coloured her face, clothes and attitude. It all felt strangely familiar yet deliciously different.

It made me think: what if all creators of popular children’s fiction shared one experience? What if Road Dahl, L. Frank Baum, Dr Seuss and others had all visited the same place in their minds where my Alice existed, but had seen something different?

Had their creations been coloured by an unconscious collective state of mind that hovered between the wonderment of childhood and the real world, travelling one step beyond a dream? And what if that place was real?

                     And what if that place WAS REAL?        

      What if we could show you the way back?

                   Would you go?

Would you?

Wonderland needs you; Alice is not herself, in fact she's 'everyoneself' as the Hatter calls it and it's all got very confusing now several new doors have appeared and people she once knew have became several people she didn't know

Rejoin Alice at the age of fifty as she again discovers that Wonderland never became a stranger

it only got stranger.

This time it's on a bigger scale than you could ever imagine in a land torn in two but worth its weight in shoes.

For doors need keys and keys need locks,
several contain the Jabberwocks,
whilst others open to a different land,
one is never sure who you will be,
when Alice turns out to be all three.

Lost Alice is a highly collectable and award winning series of ongoing paintings, limited editions, sculptures and a rather unusual book called 'Lost Alice & Other Tall Stories'

A story of a world within a world, an Alice within an Alice, a place you had forgotten you knew.

Selected pieces available from your favourite Impossimal gallery