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An Imaginarium Of Twistory!

A bewitching bewilderment of Impossimal creation with wondrous tales of weird woes and made up memories twisted with history, all based around the notes and diaries of a fictitious and intrepid Victorian explorer called Charles Burroughs.

Since 2012 the Lost Impossimals have been growing in size with a selection of crazy creations depicting events scattered through our own history combined with unique stories we would have all liked to have read when we were children.

Full of hidden codes, stories, humour and tongue in cheek pokes at popular culture the Lost Impossimals have captivated collectors with their unique British eccentricity and precise execution. teapng
Each Lost Impossimal creation is hand built as a complete living scene in the studio before making the transformation to canvas taking around eight weeks in total from start to finish.

Become the explorer and click on any of the weird and wonderful Lost Impossimals from the menu to read the notes of Charles Burroughs and enjoy their unique Twistory whilst uncovering a multitude of tales to astound and amaze!

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